Shore, Robert, Post-Photography

Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera

Shore, R. (2014) Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera. London: Laurence King

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The idea persists that photography is above all else a medium of witness, a self-effacing window on to the world which is primarily concerned with recording that thing to which we breezily refer as ‘reality’ In the intellectual and technological environment of the third millennium, the notion of objective truth the bread-and-butter of an earlier generation of photographers – is constantly being tested: the fact/fiction dividing line is continually blurred in post-photographic work. In general, the last thing you should expect from photography these days is objective truth. But it has always been false to say that the camera sees the world more objectively than humans. Rather, it sees differently. And that’s how most of the photographic greats like it. As Garry Winogrand said: ‘If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up.’


Post-Photography Is
Introduction ….. . …… 06

1 Something Borrowed, Something New 12
Mishka Henner 14
Joachim Schmid 22
Eva Stenram 28
Nicole Belle 34
David Thomas Smith38
Jonny Briggs 42
Noe Send as 46
Julia Borissova 50
Roman Pyatkovka 54
Brandon Juhasz 60
Andreas Schmidt 64
Clement Valla 68

2. Layers of Reality 72
Valerie Belin 74
Jae Yong Rhee 78
Jonathan Lewis 82
Sohei Nishino 86
Olivo Barbieri 90
Yang Yongliang 94
Dan Holdsworth 98

3. All the World Is Staged 104
Laurence Demaison 106
Hisaji Hara 112
Shadi Ghadirian 116
Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou 120
Christy Lee Rogers 124
Angelo Musco . 128
Olaf Breuning 132
Scarlett Hooft Graafland 138
Rune Guneriussen 142
Erik Johansson 146
Joao Castilho 150
John Chervinsky 156
Caleb Charland 160
Alejandro Guijarro 164
Daniel Eskenazi 168
Berndnaut Smilde 172

4. Hand and Eye 176
Aliki Braine 178
Chen Nong 184
Charles Grogg 190
Dafna Talmor 194
Jorma Puranen 198
Julie Cockburn 194
Torsten Warmuth 208
Chloe Sells 212
Steffi Klenz 216
Brendan Fowler 220

5. Post-Photojournalism 224
Michael Wolf 226
Yang Yi 234
Martina Bacigalupo 238
Cristina De Middel 242
Richard Mosse 246
Benjamin Lowy 252
David Birkin 256
Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin 264