Padley, Gemma

Look at this if you love great photography

Padley, G. (2021) Look at this if you love great photography. London: Ivy Press

Herb List, Goldfish Bowl, Santorini, Greece, 1937

While Padley’s book undoubtedly contains some notable photographs, some of which I had not encountered before, particularly the two shown here, she is, in my view, too swift and eager to ascribe a depth and heft to many of them that they do not merit. It is worth a look, though.

Gjon Mili, Triple Exposure of Pablo Picasso Drawing with Light, 1949

Nothing need be said about the metaphorical implications of constraint and freedom and tides implicit in List’s juxtaposition of a fish in a bowl of water and the open body of water in the background.

Mili’s image works as an expression of the artist’s talent and a subversion of the instantineity that is at once a virtue and failing of the medium.



Diana Markosian, Holding a Cane in his Right Hand, Movses Haneshyan, 105, Slowly Approaches a Life-size Landscape, 2015
Julia Margaret Cameron, Mnemosyne (Memory ), 1868

Discussing Diana Markosian’s image at left, depicting Movses Haneshyan a centenarian survivor of the Armenian Genocide, Padley cites a Geoffrey Batchen essay of 2004, Forget Me Not: Photography and Remembrance, where he

[notes] that English photographer Julia Margaret Cameron’s portrait Mnemosyne or Memory (1868), seems to suggest that ‘photography itself is an art of memory’.

Padley, 2021, p.82

That might be useful.
There’s a Guardian article here.

Walker Evans, Washroom in the Dog Run of Floyd Burroughs’ Home, Hale County, Alabama, 1936

Discussing Evans’ Washroom… (of which there seem to be several versions with different crops), Padley quotes illes Mora,

rather than arranging the composition, the photographer’s job, as [Evans] saw it, was to centre the existing configuration of visual surfaces offering themselves up to the eye – something that was already composed and had its own order.

Padley, 2021, p.153

Wolfgang Tillmans, Palm tree, sun burst, 2015

On a similar theme, Tillmans’ Palm tree, sun burst, Padley comments,

It is no that he goes out of his way to make pictures that are ‘random and everyday’, as he told The Guardian in 2017; rather his images are ‘calls to attentiveness’.

Padley, 2021, p.172

Here’s a Guardian Tillmans piece. There are several.

John Divola Zuma 25, 1978

Divola’s Zuma 25, 1978 is include because of his quote on the sublime – that’s a notion that comes up in LP&E.

As Divola told the Los Angeles Times in 2013: ‘You can’t photograph the sublime, you can only traffic in the specific and its relationship to the symbolic.’

Padley, 2021, p.172


1 Breaking the Rules

2 Photos That Make You Look Twice

3 A Punch in the Gut

4 Reflecting on Who We Are

5 Flirting with Other Art Forms

6 Photos That Could Be Dreams

7 Reappraising the Everyday

8 Colour is King

9 A Wonderful World

10 Capturing What the Eye Can’t See

Index A-C


Abbott, Edwin A. 108

Adams, Ansel, The Tetons and the Snake Riuer, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 178-9

Aftenposten 55

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Aperture 195

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Arnold, Eve, A Mother Holds Her Child’s Hand, Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, USA 10-11

Arthur, Olivia, Watching TV at Home 20-1

Al-Assad, President Bashor 63

Associated Press (AP) 55, 63,206

Atkins, Anna 198


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Belinda 127

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Buffalo Courier-Express 208

Burberry 30


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Death of a Loyalist Militiaman 204-5

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Chang, Phil, Replacement Ink for Epson Printers (Black 172203) on Epson Premium Luster Paper 34-5

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Cockburn, Julie, It’s

Complicated 210-1

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Collett Dickenson & Pearce 163

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Costa, Guido 19

Cotton, Charlotte 34

Crewdson, Gregory, Untitled 128-9



Davison, Jack, Untitled 30-1

De Wilde, Sonne, Untitled #2


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Divola, John, Zuma #25


Dogan News Agency 73

Donovan, Terence 163

Drake, Carolyn, Hotel Room,

Zhetisay, Kazakhstan


Drew, Richard, Falling Man


Duffy, Birdcage 162-3

Dyer, Geoff 139


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Erwitt, Elliott, New York, New

York 40-1

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Washroom in the Dog Run of

Floyd Burroughs’s Home, Hale

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Farm Security Administration

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Pram Race 46-7

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Gersht, Ori, Blow Up: Untitled

No. 19 218-19

Gerster, Georg, Watering Place, Western Australia 188-9

Gesicka, Weronika, Untitled #52 42-3

Giacomelli, Mario 161

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Giuliani, Rudy 51

Gordon, Daniel, Still Life with Fruit and Ficus 96-7

Gowin, Emmet, Nancy, Danuille, Virginia 32-3

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Grain Projects 134

Gruyaert, Harry, Baie de Somme, Fort Mahon, France 166-8

Guille 127


Haas, Ernst, Mardi Gras Costume, New Orleans 28-9

Halpern, Gregory, North and South Carolina, USA 118-19

Haneshyan, Movses 82

Harris, Melissa 195

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Hassan, Samar 58-9

Hatakeyama, Naoya, Blast #05707A 202-3

Haworth-Booth, Mark 197

Hayes-Watkins, Suki 101

Heitmann, Nanna, Minusinsk, Yenisei River, Russia 185-7

Hermes 30

Hetherington, Tim, A Soldier from 2nd Platoon Rests at the End of a Day of Heauy Fighting at the ‘Restrepo’ Outpost, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan 70-1

Hilliard, John, Off Screen (3), Large Study 12-13

Hitchcock, Alfred 129

Holmes, Oliver Wendell 82

Hondros, Chris 71

Iraqi Girl at Checkpoint 58-9

Hopper, Edward 129

Horst, Horst P., Dinner Suit and Headdress by Schiaparelli 164-5

Howell, Margaret 30

Hubble Space Telescope 124-5

Hughes, Hannah, Mirror Image #33108-9

Huro, Sohrab, The Crow that Escaped, India 132-3

Hussein, Saddam 50






Kurdi, Alan 72-3

Kurdi, Galip 73


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Maroon tribe 37

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Meyerowitz, Joel View of the Site from the World Financial Center, Looking East, New York City 51-3

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Moken tribe 74-5

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Octopus 146-7


Parke, Trent, Fiue-year-o/d Little

Jack Watches ‘The Simpsons’

on Teleuision in a Carauan in

Cairns, Australia 130-1

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Washington, D. C. 92-3

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A Couple in a Cafe, New

Brighton, England 142-3

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a Young Rhino Orphaned by

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Bridge, Icebreaker ‘Fennica’, Bay

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Philly 16-17

Pulitzer Prize 83, 201



Ray-Jones, Tony, Glyndebourne 90-1

Reed, Eli, Homeless Mother with Children, St Louis, Missouri 83-5

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste 115

Restrepo, Private Juan

Sebastian 71

Roemers, Martin, Soviet Army Hospital, Jiiterbog, former East Germany 148-9

Ruscha, Ed 102



Soman, Moises, Displaced Yazidi Man and his Daughters, Fish-Khabur, Iraq, 10 August, 2014 66-7

Sanguinetti, Alessandra, The Madonna, Buenos Aires, Argentina 126-7

Saramacca tribe 37

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France 196-7

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Testa, Andrew, Moken Child

Fishing 74-5

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Tomasevic, Goran, Syrian Rebels Dodge Debris 200-1

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unknown photographer, Terrified African American Girls Flee Police Officers During a Race Riot in the Bedford- Stuyuesant Neighbourhood of Brooklyn 68-9

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