Coleman, A.D.

In his Introduction to Coleman’s Critical Focus (1995), Bill Jay states,

Since 1968 Coleman has breathed fresh air into the otherwise moribund corpse of photography criticism and almost single-handedly kept its spirits alive.

Bill Jay, Introduction Critical Focus, p.9

There is a bibliography here.

And MoMA have a 300 page selection of essays on PDF here.

From the foreword to Depth of Field (1998),

For reasons still not entirely clear to me, this book [Depth of Field] has proved the hardest of all my collections of essays to deliver into the world.
To begin with, it’s had several incarnations. I first announced its forthcoming appearance something like fifteen years ago, at a time when it took a quite different, much more expansive form …
That version of the book, which I now realize was unwieldy and less than cohesive at best, never found a publisher, so I shelved it for several years to get some distance on it and its problems. Close readings and thoughtful commentary by Richard Kirstel and his late wife, Barbara Kirstel, helped me identify many of its structural difficulties. As a result, I split the book in two. Half of the original version eventually evolved into the volume Tarnished Silver: After the Photo Boom, Essays and Lectures 1979-1989. The second half — a set of (mostly) more scholarly essays — formed the core of this meaner, leaner new model. The University of New Mexico Press accepted that book for publication in 1989; I began drafting several new essays for it, and set to work on what I thought would be minor revisions…

From the foreword to Depth of Field (1998)